Unable to connect to the server when logging in to AOL Mail using Email

The flawless service of AOL mail is the reason behind everyone loves to work on it. They offer the best customer service, and servers are providing the best services at all times. It is one of the most famous premium services of email providers in many countries, especially in western countries such as Canada and the United States. But being so popular mail service, still, AOL also detects some problems in your account. One of the problem is that its unable to connect to AOL mail using email account on your computer or your smartphone.

When AOL finds any illegal activity in your email account, they temporarily block the account, or this is the problem you may suffer from such an issue of login problems on your computer or any other device. But, there might be some other problems that create such issues.

The Common errors that you may face while connecting the AOL mail account

You will receive the error message while assessing the AOL mail account on your computer or phone. Some of the errors show the root cause of why you can’t log in to AOL email account. The error messages may be:

  • Invalid username or password.
  • Unable to Synchronize to the AOL
  • Error 500 that shows the service down temporarily
  • Private Connection
  • Unable to connect to the page

Besides these errors, you will also get other reasons and error messages with wrong codes on your AOL while signing in.

The process to troubleshoot when  you can’t sign into the AOL mail by Email login 

These are the following steps to follow when you were unable to connect to AOL mail using email

Step 1

Creation of a new password for the AOL account

It is recommended to create a new password if you are getting the wrong password error message in reverse while logging in to your AOL account. Thus, under such circumstances, compose a new password to avoid such an error and log in through the new one.


Step 2

Invalid POP Servers

This error occurs because of the SMTP Server. If you haven’t entered the correct and valid portal address for the user account, then it will create the error message of the POP server on your phone or computer.

The server address must be the same as the following address:

I Map server address- imap.aol.com Port no: 993

POP server address- pop.aol.com Port no: 995

SMTP server address- smtp.aol.com Port no: 465 or 587

To avoid this issue, you can reassess the addresses by again login in through the mentioned address.

Step 3

Outrage Issue of the Server

Sometimes the problem is related to the server-side while you are not able to log in to the AOL account. This happens because AOL is updating the servers, or because of the overload, servers got down. So, before looking for any other reason, examine the server status.

Step 4

Cleaning the browser

If you are facing a problem with the AOL mail login on your browser and it shows you can’t load the page or some error as this, then in such situation you have to change your settings in browsers. Some rearrangement you can make in the settings portion, such as

  • Terminating all cookies and cache files.
  • Updating JavaScript, Adobe, and other plugins.
  • Pop up enable in AOL Mail.
  • Installing the new version of the web browser on your computer.
clear browsing history to access Aol mail

clear browsing history to access Aol mail


Try to sign in to your account after making these changes, and it may solve the issue of login.

Step 5

To monitor the security programs

If you are getting privacy errors in the AOL account while logging in, then it means some antivirus or VPN is running on your computer that is blocking your secure connections. Try to turn off the VPN and proxy settings for some time and then re-access your AOL mail account. You can also make the following changes to fix the issue while logging in-

  • Uninstall all Proxy programs with VPN settings and antiviruses
  • Disabling the proxy in the browser settings
  • Correcting the time and date in the system.
change vpn when ur unable to connect to aol mail

change vpn when ur unable to connect to aol mail


After making these changes, try to log in to the page and re-access the web browser for logging in.

Therefore, these are the mentioned errors that may occur while you are trying to connect to AOL account by using Email.

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