Must Try the New Gmail Features Updated in 2020

If you are operating Gmail, then there is some good news for you. Gmail was launched in 2004 by Google. And from then to now, Google keeps on introducing new features for its users. Recently, in 2020 also Google has added various exciting features to it. Gmail’s significant aspect is that Google keeps on refreshing its design and options according to real-time requirements. This is why people always prefer to access these free email services. Let’s discuss some of the Gmail’s great features:

New Gmail Features

new gmail features

new gmail features

The Quick Access Controls feature

Previously it was possible to right-click on your email in Gmail and do necessary actions. But in 2020, there are various more features also added to it. Now you can do various operations in your email in different tabs such as delete, archive, label assignment, snooze, and many more.

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There are various other options available on Gmail, which you can easily find out only by moving your cursor over your email on Gmail. It will allow you to enable mark as read, archive, do snooze, etc. It will help you to deal with multiple numbers of unread emails. Sometimes we forget to open an email and read, but these issues will significantly reduced after this feature has been introduced.

Google Meet 

Google Meet is quite popular as a video conferencing solution. But Google was trying to integrate it with Gmail. Now users can use this video conferencing application directly from the Gmail. Those who have a google account can directly access this app. It will allow 100 people at a single time to do a conference. Interestingly people can do their conferences for an unlimited time.

A Gmail user can easily access this only by clicking an option which is present on the left sidebar of Gmail. Google meet users can schedule their meetings, generate meeting details, share meeting details with other members, switch on or off the microphone, turn on or off-camera, and share presentation. Once you join the meeting, you can also see the meeting participants. The usage of this online meeting application has massively increased after the COVID 19 scenario. And by introducing Google meet, Google has bridged a large gap between worldwide people.

google meet gmails new feature

google meet gmails new feature


Quick Settings feature

In the  Gmail new feature, you can find multiple numbers of settings options. This is why most users like this to use. You will find various customizable options in Gmail. To make it more user-friendly, Google introduced another feature called the quick setting menu. Quick setting menu is the new Gmail feature added in 2020. This feature includes various interesting settings like inbox type, display density, theme, and much more.

Another great thing about this new quick setting is that it will not capture your entire screen. Suppose you make some changes; then you can instantly notice that in your inbox of Gmail. Many users have already started enjoying these features.

quick settings gmails new feature

quick settings gmails new feature

Added collapsible side Panel

Many users must have already noticed a new side panel added in Gmail. You can find various icons such as Google task, Google calendar, and others in that side panel. If you want to add more exciting functionality into your panel, you can install add-ons from your G Suite. For installing this, you can click on the plus icon located below that panel. Once you install the add-ons, then you can get access to zoom for Gmail, Trello for Gmail, Slack for Gmail, and many more new features of Gmail. This add-ons functionality allows users to enjoy various options in an inexpensive package. This is another reason to use Gmail.

side panel new feature

side panel new feature

Email Snooze option

Sometimes you might have received a mail, but you could not send a reply due to insufficient time. To reduce this problem, Google has added a snooze option, located on the right side of the Gmail toolbar. Once you click on that snooze option, then you will get a menu with some options. In that menu, you can snooze your email until your preferable day and time. When you do that, this particular email will again appear in your inbox at that time set by you.

These features, as mentioned earlier, are some of the exciting features added by Google in 2020. But rather than these functions and features, there are various other options also available in Gmail. You can also observe them quickly in your Gmail inbox.


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