These Are The New Features Added to Windows Live Hotmail

New Features Added to Windows Live Hotmail: After the continuous improvement in Gmail, Microsoft has also taken some clue, and in the last few months, it started adding some string of new features with the changing time. By adding several new features, Microsoft has brought Hotmail the face value with Gmail. After proper planning and keeping the user’s requirement in mind, the Hotmail development team added a Mechanism of Push mail, modernized calendar, and Exchange active synchronize enabled contacts and many such new features in the Hotmail.

Hotmail offers much new and quick improvement in the mechanism such as increment in the attached file size, ability to view, edit and share online documents, real-time document collaboration process, conversation view, better mobile experience, and many more. Apart from all these features, sign out the link, a prominent reply option, and a mode for view the message source in the Email are requested by the community of users, to which the developer will respond soon.

New Features Added to Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail

The Hotmail rolled with few prominent features that are mentioned below. These features will give the user have the best experience in the inbox of Hotmail. Let’s have a glance at the new features that are added.

1. Track Packages Referenced in Your Email from Hotmail

It is the way to preview the information in an active view right in the Hotmail. It makes you see all the photos, watching videos, and find out various packages without going to another website. These features enabled the real-time shipping status of the emails and tracked the shipper’s package website. It gives the view of the shipment of the shipper’s website in the mail rather than the full description.

2. Chat option with Facebook Friends in Hotmail

Microsoft had made all the efforts to integrate the features of social media networking into various types of services. Windows Live messenger supports the chat with Facebook in its latest version, which is now integrated into the new Hotmail features.

3. With Expanded Coverage and New Features, you can share photos more easily

Photos sharing are done in an Email that retains the clarity of the pictures. Each month approximately 1.5 billion pictures are shared in Hotmail. But there is a restriction in the size limits. But after the addition of the new features, Hotmail becomes the first service to let the user share hundreds of large pictures per Email, which can be up to 10 GB. It also allows sharing photos in SkyDrive. Thus, the Hotmail increased the size limit to 25MB per Email.

4. More Videos can be viewed from Inside Hotmail

In the new features of Hotmail, any email containing any type of link to the content on YouTube can be viewed directly, saving time. Daily Motions videos are now available in the Hotmail features.

5. With Subfolders, you can organize and find the Important Email

Subfolders are the best feature that added newly in the Hotmail. It let you create the folders inside the folders precisely to organize and manage the emails easily and quickly so that you can find the virtual folders immediately as per your requirements.

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6. Edit, share, and view Office Docs files options

You can access the web app for the purpose of sharing, viewing, and editing the office documents free Microsoft office without downloading it on the computers. All you have to do to use this feature is to Email any of your documents on your email account. And after that, you can open it as per your need, as it gets stored in the Hotmail cloud.

Thus, these are some fantastic and significant improvements made in the Hotmail by Microsoft. Every new feature that is added will be an advantage for people using Hotmail. That too, with a more efficiently enabled email experience, and it will also that saves your time. It will really add just more fun to the use of Hotmail.

This step is taken by the Hotmail team so that everything to go smoothly and precisely. By adding the new features, Microsoft has already started upgrading the looks and features of the email accounts. These features will make access to Hotmail more comfortable and fun while learning new mechanisms and various processes.

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