What is Hotmail (Outlook)? Benefits of Hotmail

If you want the best webmail services that can be accessed with a web browser, then Hotmail could be your ultimate solutions. Hotmail is widespread and the most convenient mode of communication for work. Hotmail has over one hundred million users and had become one of the most popular webmail services available for free online email service which can access more benefits.

The best thing about this Hotmail is that it allows user to read and send email wherever there is an Internet access. After gaining particular popularity, Microsoft announced the new Outlook.com brand. The company decided to move more than three hundred million users to the new Outlook.com. Now you may not find Hotmail as it no longer exists, but the old email addresses remain the same with a new Outlook interface online.

The popular and the fastest personal information manager web app from Microsoft is Outlook.com. It consists of webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services. Hotmail was considered as one of the best webmail services on the internet. Due to its practical benefits, Outlook quickly gained popularity. It was localised for different markets around the globe. Then it became the world’s largest webmail service. This webmail services had more than thirty million active members.

Outlook.com has wholly replaced the Hotmail services to provide the user with better and useful features. The best thing about the new brand Outlook.com is that it offers better functioning to the users like they could get access to unlimited storage. The users are also able to use the calendar, contacts, Ajax, and close integration with one drive.

A brief history of Hotmail

In 1996, Hotmail was first founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. It was the first web-based email in the world. Later this service was acquired by Microsoft. Hotmail had millions of users due to its best features. Later on, it was replaced with Outlook.com. The outlook.com featured Microsoft’s Metro design language and also closely mimics the Microsoft Outlook interface. In 2013, the Hotmail users were upgraded to Outlook. But the users retained their hotmail.com ID, password, emails, folders, rules, contacts, and much more.

In recent times the users still have the option to select their @hotmail.com option while creating a new email ID. It is the best web-based personal information manager that includes useful features. Some of the benefits of Hotmail are as follows. Now it has almost four hundred million users. Outlook also uses Ajax programming techniques. 

benifits of Hotmail(Outlook)

benifits of Hotmail(Outlook)

Outlook also supports the later versions of the webmail services that include sending, managing, and receiving mails. It also supports the later version of internet explorer, safari, Google Chrome, and firefox. With this influential platform, you also get an option to schedule and manage meetings and events through outlook.com calendar.

With the help of the search function of Outlook.com, you could quickly locate messages, people, and documents. All the features of Outlook.com are located in one place which offers easy access to all its users. If you want you could also edit the files of the Microsoft offices straight from an inbox. Some of the useful features of Oulook.com are like email scheduling, quick parts, and customisable email organisation.

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Three popular and practical benefits of Hotmail (Outlook.com)

Calendar The best thing about Outlook.com is that it offers a useful feature that is a calendar. With these features, the users could quickly share their calendar with any colleague or clients without any restrictions. It also allows the user to create, manage, and edit their online calendars for clients to access conveniently. Calendar was the main benefit of Hotmail

outlook calendar

outlook calendar

  • High level of security

It also offers an adequate level of security by filtering junk mail and blocking external content like downloads of images, data, and bugs from any spammy website.

  • Outlook.com is free

You could use the Outlook.com for free as there is no signup fee.

  • Task tool integrated

It comes with task tool integrated into the system that could help you to organize the tasks by adding them to a day in the calendar in Outlook.com.

All the above points that are mentioned are some of the widespread benefits of Hotmail (Outlook.com). You could enjoy them in the best manner. All these are the upgraded features of Hotmail which are now called as Outlook.com. To enjoy such features, you need to create your Outlook.com account through the official website.

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