Helpful Gmail Features (and How to Use Them)

Are you a Gmail user? Almost all people, students, working people, and others are using Gmail. But everyone may not know all the helpful Gmail features and functionality added by Google every time. You have enormous options to explore. In your Gmail inbox, you can get various options through which you can perform your task within relatively less time. There is some options present which you can access only through a right-click. Now Gmail is the easiest thing to use because of these exciting features.

Helpful Gmail Features:

Helpful Gmail features

Helpful Gmail features

Expanded Right-Click Menu

 Have you clicked on the Gmail right-click menu? Suppose you open a message in your Gmail, then simply right click or hold down your control key. Now you will find various options like delete, achieve, snooze, mark as read, and others. The Gmail right-click menu also allows you to send a quick reply.

If you want to send a quick reply to the sender, then first go through the entire mail, then do right-click, you will get options like reply, forward, and reply all. Similarly, you can send back your quick reply to the sender according to your requirement.

Likewise, you can also search for other messages from that particular sender. Also, you can apply labels to that message and move those labels to another inbox.

 Schedule Emails option

 If you want your email to remind you, your friend’s birthday, you can use this amazing option on Gmail. Also, it is impossible to remember every colleague’s or friend’s birthday, but this option can help you with that. Let’s see how to operate this:

 For this, you can use the write now and send later feature. When you are composing a mail, then go for scheduling its sent time by clicking on schedule send option. To get that “schedule send” option, click on three vertical dots present on the right side. After that, you will be given some day and time options when you want to send out your message. For example, you can select Tuesday morning, Tomorrow morning, etc. Else you can use the time and date selector to choose your required time.

 helpful Gmail features schedule email

helpful Gmail features schedule email

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Smart Compose option

 Google is also allowing its users to easily compose a letter. Along with that, it will also streamline your replies. With the help of this smart compose feature, the Gmail web client will automatically suggest you correct phrases and words per your sentence requirement. When you started typing, then the suggested texts will appear in a lighter shade, and if you click enter, those words will get added to your sentence. Let’s see how to enable this option:

First, open your Gmail on your desktop or smartphone. You will notice a settings option in top right corner. Now you need to click on that settings option. Move to general and then scroll down to the smart compose option. There you can get on or off your writing suggestions. If you on your writing suggestion then after that it will start suggesting you predictable words.

helpful Gmail features smart compose

helpful Gmail features smart compose


Drag emails between tabs

With this exciting feature, you can drag your conversation threads to categorize your messages. You can categorize your messages like primary, updates, and social. It will also allow you to treat all messages in the same way sent by the same sender. Now let’s focus on how to use this option:

First, you need to click and hold that your selected email. Then drag that email towards a new tab where you want to put or relocate that. During this time, do not release the mouse button. Once you drag it to your required tab, then release the mouse, and it will place in a new category.

The above-described Gmail features are quite helpful for all users. Rather than these, there are various other features also present, such as enable notification option for particular emails, use offline email, enabling preview pane, save to Google Drive, and much more. You can easily explore these features only by clicking on various options. Also, you will find many helpful Gmail features in your Gmail settings. This is quite a user-friendly platform for its users. Suppose you want to change the background of your Gmail, then you can also change its theme. Similarly, there are many other things to do.



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