Fixing Yahoo Verification Code Issues Explained

Yahoo has become one of the popular web service providers. It has been used by billions of people for both personal and professional use. The services provided by them are very credible and are trusted by its users. Yahoo every now and then launches new updates and technologies in order to improve its service. Here in this article let us discuss about the Issues with Yahoo verification codes.

Yahoo has made some serious restrictions in order to save your privacy while accessing your own account. There will be times when you need to verify yourself with the codes. And links sent by Yahoo to your registered device. When any suspicious activity is detected with your account, Yahoo immediately asks for the verification code. In order to stop the cyber attacks. 

How to Fix Issues With Yahoo Verification Codes

Yahoo Verification Code issues

Yahoo Verification Code issues

Sometimes in spite of sending the verification code by Yahoo, you may not receive the code or link to access your account. There might be quite a countless reasons where one can not receive the authentication code to acquire the permission. In this article we will discuss the possible fixes to get the verification codes. 

If you don’t receive a code or link within one minute try for another attempt. But still if you don’t receive the code check for the below mentioned reasons.

  • Landline authentication:

If you are one of those who has given your landline number for authentication purposes, you will not receive any code via that number. Then you need to try any other alternative mobile number or email to get a verification code.

  • Device problem:

Check if your email’s inbox is full for not receiving the authentication mail. If that is the reason, try deleting the old mails and save space for the code mail. If the limited storage space being the problem can be solved by creating some space. 

  • Incorrect information:

Check whether the given phone number and email address are correct. Many times the minor mistakes like alphabet cases and characters will make it difficult to get the authentication codes and mails. If you have opted to get the verification through SMS for your phone, and the message box of your mobile is full, you may not receive the code. 

  • Check the spam and junk folder:

Sometimes the code will automatically be detected by the spam filters wrongly. First check your spam and junk mail box, for any authentication being sent has landed in the wrong place. Sometimes the device may block certain mails unknowingly so check for the blocked mails as well.

  • Get the desired help form the technical support team

The yahoo mail users may contact the technical support team around the clock to troubleshoot the problem of not getting the verification code. 

To get in touch with the experts you can dial the yahoo customer care number. And then you can get the problem solved. Follow the set of information given by the technicians who are experts in their domain and get instant help to log into your account.

  • Forgot your password:

If by chance you forgot your password of the present account and you cannot recollect it, try creating a new yahoo mail or try logging in a different browser. 

Step by step procedure to be followed to fix issues with Yahoo verification code:

  1. Connect your device to a good internet service.
  2. Sign in to the yahoo home page.
  3. Login to your yahoo account with your id and passcode in the space provided.
  4. Once the home page is opened, click on the account info icon.
  5. Select the account security option.
  6. Configure your phone number.
  7. Click on the verification option.
  8. Make the necessary changes to your security options like phone number or the alternate email address.
  9. Choose the means of receiving the code through mobile phone or mail.
  10. Get the code and access your mail.

By following the above mentioned steps, the user can easily fix the issue with Yahoo verification codes 


Though Yahoo is known for its easy accessibility. Some times the users may have to encounter certain issues to log into their accounts. Hope our article on how to fix the verification issues for your yahoo account has helped you to troubleshoot the problem. Do let us know in the comment section below how you got your verification code back to access your account, so that it might help our readers to resolve their problem. 

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