Fix Gmail App Crashing Problems: The Solutions!

You’ve probably been checking your Gmail on the go, but it keeps crashing. You’re not alone; this is a common issue amongst Gmail users and there are solutions to get you back up and running in no time. Maybe the Gmail app crashes when you open Gmail, or maybe it says “Unfortunately Gmail has stopped working,” or at worse crashes up while composing an email? It’s usually caused by software issues, like running too much process in the background, outdated Gmail app, etc., so without further ado here’s how to fix Gmail app crashing problems:

Fix Gmail App Crashing Problems: The Solutions!

Gmail App Crashing

Gmail App Crashing

Delete Gmail app cache and data

Gmail app crashing has a lot to do with the cache. Deleting Gmail app cached files is one of the simplest solutions you can try in order to fix Gmail’s not working problems. In case, Gmail keeps on crashing after opening it then deleting Gmail data and cache will definitely solve your problem because when new emails arrive; all previously-stored emails are cached which may cause trouble for Gmail users as well as Gmail servers.

To delete Gmail app’s Cache/Data:

  1. Settings
  2. Apps & notifications
  3. All apps
  4. Gmail (the three dots at top right)
  5. Storage
  6. Clear storage

If that option doesn’t work out or if you don’t have access to settings due to some reason, then you can g to ‘Manage apps’ and select Gmail from there. After that click on ‘Storage’, then ‘Clear storage’.

If it still doesn’t work out, try restarting your device in safe mode this will disable all third-party applications running in the background which may cause conflict with Gmail app crashing problems.

Uninstall and re-install Gmail app

One of the easiest ways to fix Gmail app crashing is by uninstalling and re-install it. It’s easy, even if you’re not familiar with computers or software programs.

Just go into

  1. Settings on your device
  2. Apps (or Applications)
  3. Gmail App
  4. Uninstall Gmail app

Uninstall Updates from Play Store/App Store then clear cache data under Storage section at the bottom in apps settings too. Then open the Play Store and install Gmail again which will be the latest version now!

Advantages of re-installing an app

There are several advantages of reinstalling an app, one main reason being that it will be as good as new. Apps sometimes become unusable after a while and need to be re-installed in order to function normally again – you usually know if this is the case when they take much longer than expected to load or crash constantly.

Reinstalling an app also has other benefits such as giving you the opportunity to clear up storage space on your device by removing apps you no longer use along with their cache files (it’s worth noting though, that some apps cannot have their data removed). It can also help solve crashing problems caused by software conflicts and prevent malware from infiltrating your phone through pre-existing bugs within old versions of Android operating systems.

If you’re looking to reinstall an app and want to know how it’s done, here is a quick guide:

Go into your phone settings menu by swiping down from the top of your screen twice (or once if on Android N) – this will bring up the extended notifications bar; press and hold on “Apps” located in there – sometimes this takes some time for all apps options to be displayed so wait until they are visible before continuing; select “App info” followed by pressing on the specific application whose data you wish to remove or uninstall entirely; choose whether you only want its cache files removed or if you’d like everything deleted including any personal information such as login details that may have been saved within it.

Update the Gmail app

The Gmail app is updated with the Google Play Store. You can update it manually from your phone’s Settings, or you can get in here to make sure that it does. Updating will help prevent crashes and errors on any future updates – for example, if there was a new feature added, or perhaps an operating system upgrade.

  1. Open up your device settings
  2. Scroll down until you find “Apps” (or something similar) and tap this option: it should be at the very bottom of all of them because Apps are usually last on the list!
  3. On Apps, click “All”, so you see every single one installed on your phone/tablet; not just those you use often like Gmail. The Gmail app should be somewhere on this list of apps.
  4. You will see Gmail at the top, but underneath there is a button that says “Update”, tap it!

Once you have updated Gmail your device’s Gmail crashing problems should stop, and if they don’t then move to another step in these solutions to fix Gmail app crashing issues.

Remove Google account and sign in again

Sometimes, the Gmail app crashing problem is due to your Google account. If you’re already signed in with a Gmail address on another device, that’s okay! It may just be creating an issue for you right now. You can easily remove it from any other device and sign back into Gmail without having to reset everything up again.

  1. Open settings by tapping the gear icon at the top of your phone screen or swipe down from anywhere on your home screen.
  2. Scroll down until you see “Accounts” or “Google”, tap this option.
  3. Tap Remove Account (If you have multiple accounts set up)
  4. Your email will stay saved onto Cloud so even if you change phones later, all emails are still accessible under your Gmail account.
  5. If you have multiple Gmail saved on your phone, choose the Gmail address that matches what is displayed in settings.
  6. Tap Remove Account again (Only if you do not want it back).
  7. Sign in to with Gmail address and password.

You should now be able to use Gmail right away.

Additional quick tips for you:

Check your phone storage:

Gmail crashing on your phone is usually related to the memory of your device, with Google services being some of the most demanding. To see if this is causing Gmail’s problems, go into settings and check how much space each app takes up – then delete any apps you don’t use or files that are taking up a lot of room (like big photos).

Check your network connection:

If Gmail is crashing when you’re writing emails, it could be a connection issue. To make sure your internet is strong enough to send messages from the Gmail app go into settings and tap Wi-Fi (or mobile data if that’s what you use). Wait for the list of available networks to appear, then choose one and click connect – many phones will automatically pick whatever network they can find first, but sometimes this may not work well with Gmail. If possible, try connecting on different Wi-Fi connections or turn off Bluetooth entirely while sending an email via Gmail.

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