Dark Mode on Microsoft’s Outlook – How To Enable It

Outlook Dark Mode: Dark mode enables the user to change the background to black or deep dark grey color. The dark mode was initially seen in Windows 10 Anniversary Update that was released in the year 2016. But, later it was extended throughout the system which also includes the File Manager. The dark mode is soothing to the eyes. If your work involves sitting in front of the screen for a long period, gradually your eyes begin to get tired and strained. Dark mode can be beneficial especially while you work during the night time or in dim light. In the dark mode on Microsoft’s Outlook, your screen is replaced with a black or grey background.

Enable Dark Mode on Microsoft’s Outlook

dark mode on outlook

dark mode on outlook

The dark mode is also known as the switch background option, which was entirely a new element. Even though outlook had a black theme option available earlier. It was used only to change the frame around the emails. Dark theme enables you to change the background of the email thereby giving it a great look. The background remains white and the actual body of the email remains the same which may cause strain to your eyes. With the dark mode, the background can be changed providing a soothing impact on your eyes. It will reduce the side effects of watching the screen for a long time since some people tend to get headaches with prolonged exposure to the screen. 

 The Microsoft’s Outlook night mode or the dark mode and even the switch background cannot be accessed in any Hotmail (outlook). One must have any of these versions of outlook. 

  • Outlook on the web
  • Outlook for Microsoft 365
  • Outlook.com

 The dark mode will be enabled by default in any of the above-mentioned outlook versions.

How to enable dark mode in outlook.

how to enable dark mode on outlook

how to enable dark mode on outlook

  • Click on the file menu and choose Office Account. 
  • The black office theme must be turned on. Using the drop-down button select black that is available at the section Office Theme. The dark mode appears. 
  • Go to Options, General, then personalize your copy of Microsoft Office.
  • The dark background in the outlook can be turned on by using the button that is next to the reply button. 
  • You could also use the switch background option that is visible at the message tab or home page.
  • Outlook dark theme can be disabled by selecting the check box. It says never change the message background color. 
  • The outlook.com and outlook on the web have a default dark mode blue theme. 

Switching Between Dark Mode On and Off on Microsoft’s Outlook Account

dark mode on outlook

dark mode on outlook

 The dark mode can be switched on or off by using the icon that is present at the top. For changing the message window background to white, all that you need to do is just click on the sun icon. While you select the moon icon. The message window background will be changed to black.  Using the message toolbar, we can enable the dark mode on or off while composing a message. To change the message window to black or white, select the black mode(dark theme) icon. 

When using the black mode in Microsoft outlook, if you want the message window to be always in white, the dark mode can be disabled. As the dark mode gets disabled, the icons to switch the dark mode on or off will also be disabled.

Disable the dark mode:

  • The first step is to Go to the File, then Options in Outlook.
  • Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office on the General page.
  • Office theme should be set to black
  • You need to select the check box to Never change the message background color.
  • Finally, select ok to save the changes. 

The dark mode enables to change the background of any email type like RTF, HTML, or even plain text. It’s not just the background, the fonts, separators also changes it’s color. So that the entire email appears to be in a darker shade. But the message can be read comfortably. The normal color of the email background is white while the text appears in black. But, in the dark mode, the background is black with white text. Certain HTML designed emails already have a dark background by default and it will appear even brighter in the dark mode. 

Follow these steps to make the email signatures dark mode friendly. 

  • Avoid using all image email signatures.
  • Make use of images that appear good in both modes.
  • Remove the white background 
  • Testing your signature in dark mode is more sensible 
  • Manage the email signature using email signature management tools.
  • Be cautious while using animated gifs.

Hope this article has provided reliable information concerning enabling Darkmode on Microsoft’s Outlook.  

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