Identify email Adresses with MailsGuide API

An email validation API that checks for free, disposable, catch-all and role-based emails.

The Email Identification Services of MailsGuide API

Role Check API

Recognize role-based emails (, etc.) with the Role Check API.

Catch-all Email Check API

Check if the email address can receive emails for more than one email address.

Free Email Check API

Determine if an email address is from a free email provider or not with our API.

Disposable Email Check aPI

Identify if an email address is disposable or temporary with the Disposable Email Check APi.

Role Check API

Email role check is a process that involves identifying and filtering out email addresses that are associated with generic job titles or roles, such as “” or “

By removing generic email addresses from their contact lists, businesses can focus on engaging with real people who are more likely to be interested in their products or services. This can help to improve engagement rates and ultimately drive more conversions and revenue.

Catch-all Email Check API

A catch-all email address is a type of email address that can receive all emails sent to any address on a particular domain, regardless of whether the email address actually exists or not. For example, if a company owns the domain “” and has a catch-all email address set up, any email sent to ““, ““, or even “” (if it does not exist) will be received by the catch-all email address.

It is generally not advisable to send emails to catch-all email addresses for the following reasons:

  • Since catch-all email addresses are designed to receive emails sent to any email address on a specific domain, it can be difficult to determine who exactly will receive the email. This can lead to a lack of clarity around who the email is intended for and who will take action on it.
  • Catch-all email addresses are more likely to receive spam emails, and emails sent to catch-all addresses may be more likely to be flagged as spam by email filters.
  • Sending emails to these type of email addresses can result in a lack of personalization, as the email is not specifically addressed to a particular individual. This can lead to a lack of engagement and a decreased likelihood of the recipient taking action on the email.

Free Email Check API

A free email adress is an email account that is offered to users at no cost by email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and

MailsGuide email verification API checks for free emails by analyzing the email domain name and matching it against a list of known free email providers. Our service maintains its own database, which is updated daily and can be used to validate email addresses in real-time

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Disposable Email Check API

A disposable email address is a temporary email address that is created for the sole purpose of registering for a service or making a one-time online purchase. The email address is typically deleted or rendered inactive after a short period of time. This can make it difficult for a company to keep track of its clients and communicate with them effectively.

The Disposable Email Check API can help identify disposable email addresses and prevent them from being added to your email list by checking the email domain name against a daily updated list of known disposable email providers. Filtering the email addresses can help businesses maintain a higher-quality email list and improve email deliverability.

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