Change Email Display Name On Iphone-simple tricks

There are numerous means of communication that are available in the world today. But the email continues to be the most prominent and effective means of communication. There are people all over the world who use email as a standard mode of communication. It is likely expected that everyone should have an email address. Since it has made life easier to communicate with people at any time. To contact a person living anywhere for free, for document interactions. And also to communicate with many people at a time. Here in this article we are about to learn how to change your email display name on iPhone.

Email is more than correspondence, some people rely on email as a means of transmitting information with the people living far away. The uses of email in business involve communicating with clients, coworkers, sharing newsletters with the clients, scheduling business meetings, etc. Recently, some hackers and scammers misuse email So it is vital to be vigilant against such defrauders.

How To Change Your Email Display Name

When you write an email to your clients or any other readers, you wish that your email should be read. Hence you strive to make your email impressive to them. The recipient of the mail will receive the information of the sender. The information details reveal the name, email address of the sender. The recipient can either open and read the email or just ignore it. At the From field, you can give a name that is familiar to your recipients. You can change the email display name on Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and even iPad or iPhone.  

change email display name on iphone

change email display name on iphone

Changing your email display name on iPhone

When it comes to iPad or iPhone, there is some confusion as to how the email looks to the recipients. The confusion can be reversed by changing the name. Below is the step by step method: 

  • The First step is to go to the settings 
  • Select Mails, Contacts, Calendars option from the Settings 
  • Select the email account that needs to be edited, that is the account name, where the “from” name must be edited. 
  • In the name field, delete the already existing name and type the new name of your choice. 
  • After you have finished changing the name from old to new, click on done and exit. 
  • The changes that you made are applied in the display name of your iPhone. 
  • If the changes need to be made on all the applications, which includes the web-based versions, the editing of the name must be done on all the other applications too. 

You can also change your name any number of times. To edit your name 

how to change email display name on iphone

how to change email display name on iphone

Changing your email display name

  • Open the Gmail application on your iPad or iPhone 
  • Tap on the menu and go to settings, then go to your Gmail account and go to Manage your Google Account.
  • All those users who do not make use of Gmail can go to my
  • Click on the personal information that is visible at the top
  • Fill the Name under Basic information 
  • Closely follow the steps that appear on the screen
  • Check to see where your name becomes visible.
  • Even after changing the name, if the old name still displays you can clear the cache and cookies.  You will be signed out from non-Google sites while clearing the cookies. 

Your personal information like birthday, gender can also be edited. The phone numbers and email addresses can even be changed. 

Changing the From name in your email account 

If your email name is wrong it can be fixed in Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and also in ipads and iPhones. The fields where From name is poorly compiled in iOS. Unknowingly you may have labeled the from name wrong in the past. Now, the fields are labeled more clearly. The email From name that was incorrect can be rectified quickly and in a simple way. In the settings, select mail, contacts, calendars. Choose the name that you wish to change. Select the account name, users who have multiple accounts will observe certain changes on the screen. The fields for Name, email, and Description are seen for yahoo and Gmail accounts. The Name field is the one that you need to change. 

In this article, we have seen how to change the email display name on iPhone as displaying a good name is vital. Certain people prefer to customize the settings. They view how the information is depicted to the recipients of the mail. The display name can be set more informal. Which means that the user could even add his nickname. All that you need to do is to follow the simple steps that are mentioned above in this article. Hope this article has helped to provide you with the needed information about how to change your email display name on your iPhone. 

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