Change / Reset Hotmail Account Password – Complete Guide

Reset Hotmail Account Password: Microsoft has provided this email services, which is named as Hotmail. It became the most popular amongst all very soon. It is on the top of the list of favourite email service providers In spite of so many other email service providers which have been launched after was introduced.

In today’s era internet is being used by everyone and it has become the main source of the personal and professional communication. If you forget Hotmail Password or you felt that someone has hacked your Hotmail account. And, looking into your emails then you need to change your Hotmail Account Password.

To change your Hotmail password one needs to log in to your Hotmail account with the current email and password. Click on your profile picture and then one can select view account. Now you need to click on the change password option. To change password, one needs to verify their identity and for that you need to click on send code option. Put in the code, which you have recovered through your mobile or optional email address. After this verification, enter your current password and then enter your new password. Reconfirm your new password and click on the confirm button. Finally an email will be sent on your account confirming that you have successfully changed your password.

Change / Reset Hotmail Account Password – Complete Guide

reset hotmail password

reset hotmail password

Let’s see this process of resetting password step by step.

  • First thing which you need to do so is that open your outlook app on your device.
  • Then one needs to enter your email account address in the given field.
  • Now you need to click on the forget my password link, which is present on the bottom of the screen always.
  • After checking forgot my password link and clicking on them, one needs to click on the next button.
  • Now you need to put the verification code in the text box as it is shown to verify and then click on the next button.

Recover Hotmail Account:

  • One needs to choose the account recovery option, which is given there such as through email or through the text.
  • Now you need to insert the email address correctly on which you are desired to have the verification code.
  • If you have opted the text option then you need to give in the correct phone number on which you can receive the verification code. And then finally press the send buttons.
  • Now you need to get the verification code which you have got it through your email or your phone.
  • One need to put in the recovery code in the given area and need to click on the next button, as you will click the next button you will get directed towards the password recovery page.
  • Now finally one need to submit the a new password in the password area. Then to re confirm it re-enter the password again
  • Now the last and the final step is to click next, by clicking on the next page one will get directed to the log in the account page, where now one can easily log in to your email account with the email address and new password.

Hotmail Account Recovery if the account is hacked

If the reason you are not able to access your account is that your account is hacked then one need to quickly tap on the reset password button and then one need to choose the option that I think my Microsoft account is getting used by someone else, then one need to give the valid reasons that why you are suspecting that someone else has hacked your Hotmail email account. After completing all this process one need to wait for some time. Microsoft will give you solutions so that you can easily get access of your account back.

What if all these measures fails?

If you have tried all these measures and still cannot access the Hotmail email account. You need to think about hiring a third party service provider to assist you for account recovery. They will give solutions through which one needs to follow the steps and get their account recovered easily.

To make Hotmail account to be safe in the future, then one needs to keep their username and password intact. And should never give out these personal information to somebody else so that your account will not get misused anyhow. It will also help you to get a strong password which will not be easy to guess or which will be difficult to be taken out of your personal information.

One need to pay attention and do not forget that Hotmail account, so that you don’t end up locking your account once again and will not be able to access. Keeping your personal information intact is primary safety step that one need to follow.

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