Add or Delete Guest Account on MacBook – Complete Guide

Unique situations require some unique solutions. For instance, today, it is work from home and study from home.  These terms have become very common nowadays.  So, in such circumstances, situations arise wherein the laptop, specifically, the MacBook must be shared with other family members, roommates, or friends.   This is not a safe situation as it would mean giving others access to your data and sharing your workspace. However, the solution to this particular problem is by creating a guest account on MacBook.  Yes, the solution is straightforward.  By creating a guest account, the data on your Mac, including the settings, will remain private and safe.  At the same time, it will allow others to use your Mac without compromising any of your data.  This may sound too good to believe.  Here is the complete guide by Mailsguide on how to add or delete a Guest account on MacBook.

Add or Delete Guest Account on MacBook

How to add Guest Account on MacBook

Basically, a guest account will allow another user to use the Mac for basic computing tasks.  The guest user can only access files that are on the Desktop and which are public.  Other than these, the guest user cannot access other files.  One more thing is that the guest account is temporary. So, your storage space is saved once their files are deleted and the user logs out.

add or delete guest account on mac

add or delete guest account on mac

Process to add a Guest account on MacBook

  1. Start the process by clicking on the Apple icon, which is on the top left corner, and then proceed to System preferences.
  2. Click on the ‘Users & Groups icon.  The left pane will show the current user (you), and under ‘other users,’ the guest account will be seen.  Now click on the ‘Lock’ icon, which is at the bottom corner of the window.
  3. You have to key in your admin password if required. Enter the details and click on ‘Unlock.’
  4. Tap on the ‘Guest user’ and then click on the checkbox which says, ‘Allow guests to log into the computer.’
  5. Once the Guest account on MacBook is created, the icon can be seen from the login screen.  It can also be accessed via fast user switching (if File Vault is disabled).

Mac has further options while creating a Guest account.  For example, if the guest account is for a child or minor, you can even enable parental controls.  To activate it, click on the checkbox with the sign ‘Create a new user account with parental controls.  Furthermore, there is also an option to create a whitelist of permissible websites and apps. You can also set limits for time and usage of other peripherals such as printers.

add or remove guest account on mac

add or remove guest account on mac

How To delete guest account from MacBook

It makes sense to discuss also how to delete the guest account from MacBook after it is no longer required. The steps are very akin to the ones done for creating a Guest account.

  1. From the dock or menu bar, go to ‘System Preferences.  Then go to ‘Users & groups,’ which is at the bottom of the menu, and select it.
  2. Enter the password now and Click on the lock icon at the bottom left corner.
  3. From the ‘Other Users’ section, select the ‘Guest user.’ Turn off the Guest user account by unchecking the box ‘Allow guests to log in to this computer.  This action will prohibit anyone without a password from logging into your Mac computer.
  4. To confirm that the changes are saved, click on the lock icon at the bottom of the page again. Now, if you notice, it will show the guest user option as ‘OFF.’

There are a lot of risks if you keep the Guest user account turned on. In that case, the MacBook is open for other users to freely browse the internet, play music from any app, or even do the printing.


It is better to have File Vault disk encryption enabled in the Mac.  Enabling it will ensure that you can control what a guest can see or use.    The guest account will be like a basic kiosk account, and only Safari will be available.


Sometimes, during the weekends, when there are guests or children on a break from school, the guest account on MacBook is needed.  The guest account will give fettered access to your Mac. In fact, it is an excellent preventive practice to have separate Guest accounts be it your family or friends, while sharing the MacBook.

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