How to Add Email Accounts on Android Phone?

Add Email Accounts on Android Phone: Android phones are one of the best devices to surf the internet, whether it’s an office-related work or any business work or you have to check mails. It’s the best multipurpose device that you can use anywhere and anytime. If you have to check important emails, then you don’t have to open your laptop or your computer to check your emails.

You just have to open your android phone and check your emails related to work or any of the business purposes. Emails is one of the best ways to communicate with one another, mainly in the workplace. If you have to contact related to work, then you can describe the whole work and send it to the person whom you want.

Benefits of Checking Mails in Android Phones

  • Research has shown that people generally prefer android phones to check their emails instead of using laptops and computers. Mostly the age group of around 18 years to 34 years use android phones to check emails. The rate of reading emails on laptops and computers is declining continuously. You should check that your email is optimized and works in all brands of mobiles. it will include your signature in the email

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  • It generally takes very little time to check emails in your android phone because of its speed and compatibility. If you get any important mail, then you can immediately open your mail, which will be already logged in, so there you just go directly and check your mail. Suppose if you are using a laptop or computer, then it takes much time than an android phone to open and check the mail. All the mail service providers have their own apps to login emails.

How to Add Email Accounts on Your Android Phone?

add email accounts on android

add email accounts on android

You have to add your new mail account

First, open the email app and then go to the setting, and then you can tap on add account. After that, go to IMAP/POP, and then you will have to choose which type of email account you will be using on your phone.


It determines how your email, which will be coming to you, will be saved, moved, synchronized, and deleted in between your inbox and server. In other words, we can say it generally focuses on the emails that are in your also helps in downloading the emails mainly from the server and then downloading them into your phone.


It helps in making sure that the messages on emails that are present in your inbox and mail server are properly also lets you manage the email inbox from a different location. It will show the cached copy on the phone. Mainly people prefer IMAP 

After that, you can set your email address and password and tap on next.

Incoming server settings on the android phone

  • First, you have to enter the full email address.
  • ii). Then, after that, you will have to set a password for the email account you have created.
  • Then your mail will be created according to the domain name.

Outgoing server settings 

I) First, you have to sign in

II) Then put on the full email address

III) After that, set up a password for your mail account.

IV) For SMTP port you have to choose the security type, and the security type will be:

  • SSL/TLS it accepts all certificate it is secured.
  • NONE it also accepts all certificates, but it is insecure.

Email accounts options you will get 

  • Check email regularly- you can set how many times your device will check emails if a new mail is coming.
  • You can make an alert if a new email is coming to you. 
  • You can create automatic synchronization if you want.

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