Verify and Validate Email Addresses with MailsGuide API

Maximize email deliverability and protect your sender reputation with our email verification API.  


verify the existence, validity and quality of any email address

Our API offers comprehensive, real-time email address validation to improve email delivery and open rates, reduce bouncing, block spam and more; making it a convenient solution for you to keep your communication channels running smoothly.

keep your email lists accurate and trustworthy with Our Email Verification API

Powerful real-time email validation and verification

Only let high-value contacts enter your database with our email validation and verification API

Typo checking and Smart Suggestions

The API catches user input mistakes (typos) and provides corrected suggestions.

Bulk check

Check multiple email adresses at the same time.

MX And SMTP Verification

Check email andress existance and availability via SMTP and MX-records.

Email Adress Identification:

Catch-all email check

Check if the email address can receive emails for more than one email address.

Role check

The API recognizes role-based emails (, etc.), making it easier for you to filter them.

Disposable and free email providers check

Improve email accuracy with our daily updated provider database, distinguishing real domains from free and disposable emails.

Read more about our email adress identification API

Check Emails and Optimize Business Results With MailsGuide API


Our Email Verification API boasts a 99,5%+ accuracy rate, ensuring a high level of confidence in the validity of the email addresses being processed.


Send up to 30 API calls/sec and
check up to 100 000 emails at one go.


The system is designed to keep all data anonymous, in line with GDPR regulations.
All data streams are securely encrypted using industry-standard HTTPS.

Easy integration

Comprehensive documentation and support, along with SDKs for various programming languages, to ensure a smooth and efficient integration process for users.

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